Prof. Dr. Jones Alami

Prof. Dr. Jones Alami is the Managing Director of INI Coatings Ltd., which is the first PVD company dedicated to Ion-Sputtering Coating Solutions. INI Coatings was founded in 2011, when Dr. Alami recognized a vital missing link that was preventing his fellow Engineers and specialists from realizing the full potential of Ion-Sputtering. As a leading authority of Ion-Sputtering techniques, he developed a concept for Ion-Sputtering implementation based on a tripod approach of engineering, hardware and process development.

Since 2011 he has been occupying the position of Joint-Professor at the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Science, where, together with the group, he is conducting research work on smart oxides.

He has received a Licentiate on Plasma Physics and a PhD in material physics, especially thin film physics, from the University of Linköping in Sweden. He has seen occupied the positions of R&D Manager and Innovations Manager in world renowned System Manufacturing Companies. He has authored more than 40 publications on the subject of Ion-Sputtering and is regularly invited to give seminars around the world.