Solution Engineering

INI’s consulting approach combines business consulting best practices with coating industry specifics. The selection of our consulting tools and methodologies ensures that all requirements and customer challenges are taken into consideration when designing the right solution.

INI is able to support customers not only in selection of the right coating system, but also in developing the right product for their industry, the product that will demonstrate clear advantage over competition, protect existing and generate additional revenues.

Solution engineering Model

Our coating consulting models enable customers to activate and use our expertise in different phases of the new product development. INI can take either supervisory role or support customers’ efforts, or more active and hands-on roles that would ensure the success of customers’ business ventures.

Value-added Delivery

INI’s value-added delivery approach is based on a proactive philosophy focused on taking the initiative in order to add value to customers.

Our best people are engaged to capture customer requirements and to understand their needs and challenges. The sales and delivery approach entirely focuses on what creates value to customers in which requirements and expectations are carefully assessed before creating tailored solutions.

Value added selling comprises system configuration and components powered by INI, i.e. INI contributes to the improvement of vendor products through concept testing, prototyping, and robust system and component testing.

The above-mentioned products are brought to the market through INI’s well-established business network in Europe and East Asia.